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Welcome to Thinking Feeling Moving, I offer online Personal Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution to individuals and partner/s. Thinking Feeling Moving is LGBTI+ friendly, and sex positive.  I use a combination of CBT, Solution Focus and Acceptance and Commitment Theories as tools in the style of therapy that I use. I draw on expressive therapies, mindfulness- based therapies and yoga techniques in working with clients. I work with both the mind and body, as they by nature affect each other.

I primarily work with clients after hours making it convenient for clients whom work, and have busy schedules.  However, having sessions during business hours is also possible upon request.

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation where we can have a chat and see if we are a right fit for each other. Finding a therapist that you feel comfortable and safe with is very important.

Please get in touch, I will do my best to contact you at your nominated preferred window of time.

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Sessions are 60 minutes, and are $ 120Aus for individuals, and $150Aus for yourself and your partner/s.


Yoga Australia Registered Lvl 2 Teacher Yoga Australia Registered Lvl 2 Teacher Yoga Australia Registered Lvl 2 Teacher

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