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You can book in for private online Hatha Yoga Classes with Lisa.  We schedule a 60 or 90 minute class, and we do a class together. We can see and talk to each other on your device. You will get a personalised practice based on what your body is needing on that particular day. I will lead the class, and I can modify the practice to your particular needs.

Traditionally when a Yoga Teacher taught a student, the practice was unique to what the student is needing.  In modern society, this concept has been lost where many people expect to be in large classes led by a Teacher to do a practice which may be unsuitable for what their body is actually needing.  Let me give you a practice which will be perfect for YOUR body. Imagine for a moment enjoying a practice which connects you to your body. To do a practice suitable for your level with ease, is sustainable and most importantly enjoyable.

No class is the same as your body is changing every day. I guide you through a practice that fits your unique needs on that day. In each class we practice asana (postures suitable for your body), pranayama (breathing practice), and meditation. Stiff bodies, inexperienced, elderly, or pregnant people are more than welcome!  You may also like to book in for a session to work through a part of your practice that you feel ‘stuck’ in and would like to have expert advice upon.

I can do 1:1 classes, or I can do a class for couples (partners / friend / adolescent).

Classes can be arranged to be early morning or afternoon/ evenings outside of business hours by appointment.

Clients prior to attending classes with me will need to submit a Yoga Waiver and release form.  Blocks of classes can be paid for upfront.

60 mins $80 Aus, 90 mins $100 Aus.

Lisa in a yoga positionLisa in a Bound Angle Yoga Position
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