Restorative Yoga for Post Traumatic Growth

Restorative Yoga for post traumatic growth

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Welcome to deep rest.

Healing happens in its own time. This is a process which cannot be rushed.

Stress and trauma are stored in the body. The body remembers these and can hold on to it unless it is supported to be able to release. The accumulation of stress and trauma leads to dis-ease in the body. Over time this dis-ease if it is not dealt with leads to disease.

Through the practice of Restorative Yoga, we will stimulate the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems which evoke a relaxation response. This will lessen inflammation in the body, and inflamed emotions. You will be toning the vagus nerve restoring homeostasis, supporting resilience, and aiding recovery from stress and trauma.  Let Lisa guide you to what the experience is like to feel safe in your own body.

Filmed on Takawiri Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya.