Hello, my name is Lisa (She/ Her/ They/ Them).  Welcome to Thinking Feeling Moving.  This is a place to heal on many levels.  On your journey of healing, you will learn about yourself, and I’m here to help you feel better in your mind, your body and in relationships.  I work globally (mostly) online offering a unique skillset of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy and Yoga Therapy.

Services that I offer you in healing:


My practice is based online as I am quite nomadic.  As a Psychosexual Relationship Therapist (student), and Yoga Therapist,  my aim is to provide a safe environment where my clients can feel comfortable in their own bodies, and can feel safe in sharing their intimate thoughts and problems without fear of judgement. I honour all gender, sexual orientations, and relationship diversities (GSRD). I am a queer, kink-knowledgeable therapist and I take a sex positive approach to compulsive sexual behaviours and pornography use. This is a safe space for you.

Issues that I can help with as a Psychosexual Relationship Therapist (student) include:


  • consensual non-monogamy
  • erection problems
  • inability to orgasm
  • infertility
  • low sexual desire
  • painful intercourse
  • premature/early ejaculation
  • problematic porn use
  • relationship problems – couples and poly
  • sex, gender, erotic and relationship identity concerns
  • sexual compulsions
  • specific sexual interests (BDSM, kinks and fetishes)
  • vaginismus
  • sex education- understanding anatomy, arousal & how to access pleasure.

Issues that I can help with as a  Yoga Therapist include:



  • Back pain such as strain or disc herniation, SI Joint dysfunction and sciatica.
  • Scoliosis
  • Auto-Immune disorders
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Recovery from illness
  • Being a healthy weight
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Working through a period of transition in their life

Yoga Therapy Programmes are individualised programmes designed for your body to heal. Upon assessment you are provided with a link to a private video of a programme for you to follow and practice. The programme is highly specialised for your unique individual needs. Follow up sessions are filmed as a practice for you to follow as you heal.


Lisa Practicing Yoga

Yoga Classes

I also Teach Yoga privately online and sometimes teach drop in community classes (depending on where I am as I often travel). I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher and can also teach Yin and Restorative Yoga. As your Yoga Teacher, you learn about yoga which is so much more than just ‘doing’ it.

A winning combination

As a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist (student), and Yoga Therapist I have a unique specialist skillset which is wonderful in improving a multitude of sexual health problems.  https://psychcentral.com/health/mindfulness-meditation-sexual-health

A note on touch and nudity

In my capacity of being talk based therapist my work does not involve touch of any kind in relation to the Psychosexual Therapy.  In my capacity of being a Yoga Therapist, physical assessments are required.  Assessments for Yoga Therapy programmes can be conducted both online (or face to face if I am available) of which are done clothed and with consent.  At no time with either types of therapy will you or I be in a state of undress.

In Person Sessions

I am quite nomadic and call a few countries home.  From time to time I do see clients face to face for sessions if we are in the same country.  Please presume that our sessions will be online. Bookings and payments are still done through the website.

Online Sessions

I offer online sessions via Microsoft Teams as it is the most secure platform.  It is possible to have sessions via Zoom or WhatsApp upon request, but please note that they are less secure.  I prefer to meet all clients for Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy, and Yoga Therapy first in a Free 30 minute consultation available on my bookings page.  This is to ensure that we are a good fit for each other and that you feel comfortable in working with me as your Therapist before going ahead for sessions.

Sessions are booked in by you at your convenience to fit in with your schedule. You will be able to see the time zone conversion on the bookings page. Please note that my business hours in Australia work out to be in the afternoons and evenings which is great for shift workers and FIFO’s.

Session Length

All sessions are 60 minutes long. Occasionally a 90 minute session can be pre-arranged.   If you require a longer session due to language challenges, disability, or being neurodiverse and require closed captioning in our online session please advise me beforehand.  There is a space to advise me of this upon booking.




Sessions upon booking can be paid in AUD, USD, EURO and GBP. Paying in these currencies will not incur any conversion fees your end in the transaction. Upon booking you will be sent an automated email for payment of the session. It is at this point you can choose your currency. The session appointment is not secure until payment has been made. Please go to the booking and payment page to see relevant fees in various currencies for services.

Pre-Therapy Assessment Forms


It is really important that you feel comfortable in working with me, also that I have the right skillset to meet your needs. If after reading through my website, you’d like to meet with me, please book in for a free 30 minute consultation for either Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy, or Yoga Therapy to discuss your needs. When you book in, I will send you a little paperwork to complete. It is private and confidential. It helps me to prepare for our meeting so we can make the best use of our time together when we meet.

I look forward to meeting with you, and hope to be working with you on your healing journey. - Lisa

A little about me


  • Lisa McGarva Registered Level 2 Yoga Teacher (500 hours) Yoga Australia.
  • Registered Certified Yoga Therapist- International Association of Yoga Therapists.
  • Registered Teacher (B.Ed) with the Queensland College of Teachers. I taught in primary and secondary schools mostly in the areas of Special Education and Intensive Behaviour Support for 20 years. I have been trained in numerous programmes as a facilitator to teach Teachers. E.g. Functional Behavioural Analysis, Positive Handling and Crisis Management.
  • Registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association.
  • Presently studying Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy. Graduation as a Psychosexual Relationship Therapist expected in 2023. Presently taking on clients in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy in the capacity of a student to complete my 150 clinical practice hours. This is at a professionally reduced fee.
  • Registered with the College of Sexual Relationship Therapists (student).
  • Studied The Universal Healing Tao with Grandmaster Taoist Mantak Chia (in person).
  • Undergone Intensive Panchakarma for 21 days at Vaidyagrama Ayurvedic healing Village in India.
  • Stayed at the Isha Yoga Centre in the South of India.
  • Completed Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Programme.
I hold registrations with:
  • College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (student member)
  • Australian Counselling Association
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Yoga Australia
  • Queensland College of Teachers
  • Australian Sexologists Association (General member)

Now that we have the official bit out of the way, a little about me as a person. I hope it gives some insight as to why I am passionate about doing what I do.


I understand physical pain. - In 2019 I had spine surgery. I had acute neuropathic bilateral pain down both legs. It was so bad I found walking and personal care difficult without support. I am thankful that I knew how to heal myself with Yoga Therapy post-surgery. I am back to a full daily yoga practice.

I understand mental health challenges. - In my youth and young adult years, I have had anxiety. This is what led me to Yoga and started my healing journey. Yoga for me is like a bird flying. I want to do it every day for my mental and physical health.

I understand relationship diversity and queer spaces. - I’m queer. I am in my second beautiful marriage. I can help you safely navigate your own way in your social life, in your school life, professional life, family and relationship/s. Living in a few different countries, I understand what it means to be Queer in a space that is not accepted or even safe. You are safe with me.

I understand cross cultural relationships. - My husband and I are from different cultures.   I have previously lived in Japan, and although I am based in the UK, I spend a significant amount of time in Eastern Africa.  These days I am very mobile and global.

I understand long distance relationships. - For many years my husband and I spent most of our time in different countries from each other. The rhythm of life being away from each other most of the time, then short periods of time together when life is concentrated is quite a dance. I understand shift work and FIFO life, and what it means to live this life in a relationship.

I understand what it means to live in a few different places at once. - in 2019 I left Australia to be living globally with my husband. I call a few different places home, and I know what that means in regard to relationships with family, friends, and feeling grounded enough wherever you are on the planet to find your centre within.

I understand curiosity about your body and the experience of problems around sex. - When I was a Teacher, I taught sex education to my students and loved it. It was a thrill to teach young people to know about their bodies, consent and what healthy relationships could be like. I wanted to gain further qualifications in the area. In studying Clinical Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, I feel it is a perfect fit to what I already offer. I want to help people understand their bodies, feel safe in their bodies, and provide therapy for so many problems that can be helped both sexually and in relationships. I have come to understand that most people (including many medical professionals) do not understand their own sexual anatomy, how to deal with sexual problems or access pleasure. We can start with the basics, and journey together in finding solutions that you are comfortable with to help your situation.

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    I met Lisa many years ago, whilst I was rehabilitating from knee surgery.
    I had been searching for a yoga teacher in my local area and was drawn to her online... read more

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