The Best Ethical Pornography- A review by a Clinical Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist.

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This blog is a guide for adults who want to access ethical pornography as part of their sexual health.  I shall review a few websites which are listed when doing an online search for Ethical Pornography, and outline their features so that you the consumer may make an informed decision of what you might like to access. As a Clinical …

Myra Lewin and Lisa McGarva

A conversation with Myra Lewin- Where Ayurveda and Sexology connect.

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  Youtube video with Myra Lewin Join me in a conversation with Myra Lewin as she shares her Ayurvedic knowledge in approaches to treating: • Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder • Female Sexual Interest/ Arousal Disorder • Erectile Disorder • Premature Ejaculation (early/ rapid) • Female Orgasmic Disorder • Delayed Ejaculation • Genital Pelvic Pain (Dyspareunia) • Penetration Disorder (Vaginismus) …