Myra Lewin and Lisa McGarva

A conversation with Myra Lewin- Where Ayurveda and Sexology connect.

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  Youtube video with Myra Lewin Join me in a conversation with Myra Lewin as she shares her Ayurvedic knowledge in approaches to treating: • Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder • Female Sexual Interest/ Arousal Disorder • Erectile Disorder • Premature Ejaculation (early/ rapid) • Female Orgasmic Disorder • Delayed Ejaculation • Genital Pelvic Pain (Dyspareunia) • Penetration Disorder (Vaginismus) …

Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles

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Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles A Yoga Therapy Programme is now available on the Thinking Feeling Moving YouTube Channel: Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles. – YouTube Lisa guides you through a yoga practice to *relax* the pelvic floor muscles. This practice is suitable for people who: ▪️Have vaginismus ▪️Have prostatitis ▪️Any person who has …