Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles

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Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles A Yoga Therapy Programme is now available on the Thinking Feeling Moving YouTube Channel: Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles. – YouTube Lisa guides you through a yoga practice to *relax* the pelvic floor muscles. This practice is suitable for people who: ▪️Have vaginismus ▪️Have prostatitis ▪️Any person who has …

Linda Weiner and Lisa McGarva

A conversation with Linda Weiner

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Click HERE to view the interview. Join me in a conversation with Linda Weiner as we discuss the importance of touch being a primal human need that is vital for our health and survival. Linda shares practical examples of how ‘Sensate Focus Touch’ can help individuals in Covid isolation, in solo touch to feel safe, calm and secure in their …