Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles

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Yoga Therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscles

A Yoga Therapy Programme is now available on the Thinking Feeling Moving YouTube Channel:

Lisa guides you through a yoga practice to *relax* the pelvic floor muscles. This practice is suitable for people who:
▪️Have vaginismus
▪️Have prostatitis
▪️Any person who has a vagina (a new one or if you were born with one) and is engaged in a dilator programme.
▪️People who experience pain in the pelvic area.
▪️People who feel emotional pain linked to the pelvic area.
This programme is NOT suitable for people who have a prolapsed uterus or bowel. Nor is it appropriate if you are pregnant.
It is strongly recommended that if you are experiencing pain in the pelvis and or genitals to have a physical examination by a Doctor who may refer you to a specialist. Pain is real and is treatable. Please also consider seeing a Clinical Sexologist, as sexual psychotherapy can greatly improve a multitude of various problems.
The Pelvic floor is a group of muscles that supports your organs and abdominal systems including specifically parts such as your bladder, bowel and other parts of your body in the Pelvic region. Ideally your Pelvic floor is ‘just right’ in terms of its strength- Not too tight or too relaxed.

Useful links for pelvic health:


Female Pelvic Floor Muscles -Source from The Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology


Male Pelvic floor muscles Source Image @rechargetherapy