Dinacharya- Daily Ayurvedic Routine. The benefits explained and demonstrated.

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Do you wake up feeling good in your body and balanced in your mind for the day that is ahead of you?  There are many ayurvedic practices which can be done on a daily basis that help to maintain health and balance in the body and the mind.   A daily routine sets you up for the day feeling that you are in a good position to handle what is ahead.  Dinacharya is a constant which helps you to feel steady and grounded, they are little cleansing techniques to keep the body working optimally.  This blog serves to give you the top 10 practices, explain why the are good for you to do and show you how to do them with a short video.

10 Simple Dinacharya practices that you can do in your morning routine.

  1. Wake up before the Sun

  2. Scrape your tongue

  3. Use a neti pot

  4. Do nasya

  5. Drink warm water with lemon/ lime

  6. Oil pulling

  7. Go to the toilet

  8. Dry brushing or bamboo hitting

  9. Abhyanga

  10. Asana/ exercise and meditation

Beginners can include any of these practices into their morning routine.  It is quite normal at first for people to feel a little daunted by doing so many things in the morning upon waking, particularly when there is the management of home duties, family duties and are quite possibly time poor.  Certainly it takes a little more time to include such practices in the morning, however you will soon feel that you will WANT to do the practices, and will observe the effects of how they actually help you to be in a better mental space In time  you won’t feel so overwhelmed to include them into your mornings.

” I had to work. Because anything that one wants to do really, and one loves doing, one must do everyday. It should be as easy to the artist and as natural as flying is to a bird. And you can’t imagine a bird saying well, I’m tired today, I’m not going to fly!”

– Yehudi Menuhin . (Violinist, Conductor, Yogi, Legend).

Not sure where to start?

When starting out, choose 3 things on the list and do them daily for a month.  Observe the difference in how you feel physically and mentally.  Then experiment with introducing one more practice each week thereafter.  Each one is a practice in mindfulness and is nurturing to your system.  Indeed, studies show that the practices are incredibly beneficial for your health.

“Ayurvedic methods of prevention especially Dinacharya is useful in primordial prevention of chronic and lifestyle related diseases.”

 -Dr Ramesh Kant Dubey  

If you are unsure how to do these practices, I have filmed myself doing a few of them (not all of them I assure you! 😉) which I have uploaded to my YouTube Channel to help (listed at the end of the blog).


Wake up before the Sun.

Dr. Phil Maffetone explains that we should watch the sunrise outside if possible.  Do your morning practice outside if you can, or go for a walk or bike ride.   The morning sun is super healthy for your body and brain.  It gives us Vitamin D, improves the immune system, regulates the nervous and hormonal systems, helps to prevent depression, increase healthy sleep patterns and intestinal function.  If you are unable to do your practice outside, try to at least spend a few moments outside in the morning and take in its beauty.  Perhaps you could drink your morning warm drink outside at this time.

Scrape your tongue

Scrape your tongue using a tongue scraper. Get rid of the Ama (waste) that builds up on the tongue during sleep. Your body is trying to get rid of it, so scrape it away.  Definitely don’t have a drink first thing in the morning beforehand, otherwise you are ingesting what your body wants to get rid of.

Use a neti pot

Use a Neti pot to clean out your nasal passages with warm salty water. Having clean nasal passages allows for the Prana (life force energy) to flow into the body unobstructed.  It also prepares your body for morning Pranayama and Yoga practice.

Do nasya

Do Nasya to re-lubricate your nasal passages with a little sesame seed oil on your finger, it  has the effect of calming the mind whilst promoting awareness and concentration.


Drinking warm water with lemon or lime in the morning.

Drink warm water with lemon/ lime

Have a drink of warm water with some lemon or lime. This helps with hydrating the body and getting the lymphatic system going,  and aids with having a good poo in the morning.

Oil pulling

Rub a little sesame seed oil on the gums. This helps maintain gum health as the oil has antibacterial properties.  Then swish around in the mouth for a few  minutes before spitting it out.  This is known as oil pulling.


Go to the toilet

Slow down and take the time to go to the toilet rather than rushing around and holding on.  This will train your body to poo at the same time each day, avoiding the possibility of constipation.  If you can, it is healthy to squat so you can open your colon completely.  If you are unable to squat, consider using a foot stool or purchase a squatty potty to help angle your legs in a better position in relation to the (sitting) body.  The angle of the legs being raised relaxes the puborectalis muscle that allows the colon to empty completely.


My husband and I had the opportunity to study under Grand Master Taoist Mantak Chia for a week when he came to Australia in 2018. We studied the Universal Healing Tao System, Inner Alchemy Microcosmic Orbit and Sexual Alchemy Practice.

Dry brushing or bamboo hitting

Dry brush your body to invigorate and stimulate your lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. I prefer to use a Taoist technique of using a bamboo hitter.  Using a hitter certainly wakes you up, and has added benefits of stimulating blood production in the bone marrow and strengthens the bones.

Demonstration by Grand Master Taoist Mantak Chia in how to use the bamboo hitter.

Bamboo hitters can come in different intensities starting with the Bamboo Hitter (CK5) through to the Wire Hitter Heavy and Rattan Hitter.  I’d advise to start with the Bamboo Hitter.  Products can be purchased from the Universal Healing Tao store 




Warming the cold pressed black organic sesame seed oil for abhyanga.


Abhyanga with warmed cold pressed black organic sesame seed oil or coconut oil. This is an act of self-love.  It calms your nervous system, moisturises your skin and lubricates your joints which helps to alleviate arthritis. Warm oil is good in the winter, and coconut oil which is cooling is good to use in the summer months.



Asana/ exercise and meditation

Do your Asana and meditation. The benefits of a daily practice of Yoga and Meditation are immense. Please refer to my earlier blogs to learn of the latest research demonstrating the benefits. https://www.thinkingfeelingmoving.com/blog/

Practice outside in the morning sunshine if you can.

Watch Lisa demonstrate how to do (some) of the above practices on her YouTube channel here.